#1 – Welcome to Adam’s Artificery; or, The Artificer’s Notebook – 24.097-1

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I have finally done it. I have figured it out. Mostly. Maybe.

Welcome to the online bit of Adam’s Artificery. I’m happy to have you here. If you haven’t guessed yet, this is my blog. I have been wanting to finish this for years, but for whatever reason, I have always put it off. Something finally clicked when setting it up this time. There is a habit of mine where I jump into things too fast at the start of a project and cause my own failure from the beginning. I did not really mean to start it this time. I randomly found an AI template creator, used that on a trial site, screwed around a bit with containers, and settings. Eventually went on to find Astra with Spectra, and, well, here we are.

My end goal is for this to be an ongoing record of all aspects of my life; Musings, projects, build logs, fitness progress & workouts, my own health & wellness, ad infinitum. A journal. A Log. An Artificer’s Notebook. Yep, that’s the one.

This site will forever be Under Construction, so please don’t mind the placeholder pieces around the site. I’ll be changing things as I go.

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